Monday, November 15, 2010

Elementals Attacking Org/TB! (Also SW/IF)

The final phase of the elemental invasion has finally begun! Every few hours, Orgrimmar and Thunderbluff will be attacked by elementals. Each city is attacked by two different kinds: Org gets hit with Fire and Earth, while TB is Water and Air. When the event starts, you'll be given a warning that it is about to begin; if you're low level, now's the time to bail. The elementals are level 80, and will not hesitate to slaughter you. Level 80s will be tasked with assisting in the defense of the city by placing sandbags in key locations to protect civilians. Also make sure to pick up a totem from the Earthen Ring guys throughout the city.

After 5 minutes of prep/retreat, the attacks begin. You'll have one hour to defend the city; in this time there are two objectives (current objective details can be found at the top center of your screen, where you'd find objectives in a BG). First, you must close all the rifts by defeating the elementals that come out; each rift spawns 32 elementals. You also need to use the aforementioned totem to free citizens trapped in the city. Each district of the city will have several rifts to close and citizens to rescue, and you must fully clear every district in the city within the hour. Here's a pic of us closing a water rift in TB:

If you successfully defend the city, you'll gain access to two elemental bosses who share an element with the rifts that were forming. The bosses are all throwbacks to vanilla WoW dungeons and raids. The loot from the bosses is pretty disappointing; its ilvl251 stuff, which would be nice if a) I didn't have better from raiding and b) Cataclysm wasn't coming out in a few weeks. A friend of mine has a nice post with their full loot tables, which you can find here. The whole event would be much better if there were pets, mounts, titles or even tabards associated with it, instead of just mediocre items that are sidegrades at best. Here are the two TB bosses:

I missed the Org attack; I'll add some screenshots of it and the other two bosses once they attack again.


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