Friday, October 15, 2010

DK Tier Armor, 4.0.1 Prot Pally Thoughts

The wait is over for our Tier 11 gear; mmo-champion has a link up with nice pictures. It looks like each spec is going to have it's own color this time around, which is cool; I'm particularly fond of the blood set, as it reminds of the new Lich King.

Looking for a change of pace, I logged onto my Prot Pally last night to see how their changes look. Once I got my talents set (I skipped the Word of Glory stuff and took almost everything else in prot, then went ret), I put together an ICC10 PUG to see how the new stuff looked. With the Holy Wrath changes and Consecrate, I was able to hold AoE aggro very well. When we got to Marrowgar I main tanked him; my survivability seemed a little lower than before, although that might have been the nerfed Holy Pally healing me. I don't mind the Ardent Defender nerf, as at least it gives me another CD; LoH being usable now (instead of sharing a CD with Divine Prot) is also nice. The best part was my dps: I was landing 45k Shield crits with 3 Holy Power and ended up pulling 6.8k DPS as main tank; I outparsed our hunter and ele sham. The rest of the run was pretty terrible; our other tank was drunk and the holy pally kept DCing so we didn't get very far, but at least I got to check out the Protadin.


  1. Nice stats bud. I looked up those pics and i agree there pretty cool. Gunna give it a look. Nice blog btw.

  2. having only played WoW for like, a month, this made no sense to me, but Paladins are awesome.

  3. haha I love the ending: drunken/high party members = my entire wow experience :)